Concrete Edging Ottawa

Concrete Edging Ottawa | Ottawa Concrete-Curb-Edging-Installation-in-Ottawa

Get Personalized Concrete Edging Installed in Ottawa.

Concrete Edging Ottawa

Concrete Edging on Ottawa Lawn

Lets talk about the Best Curb Edging, Lawn Edging & Garden Edging. From Commercial and Residential Edging Installation to Curb repair in Ottawa.

Ottawa’s best concrete curbing companies make permanent decorative concrete garden edging.  It comes in 12 colors and a choice of three stamped patterns for the top of the edging.  Complimentary services include making new gardens in Ottawa using a sod cutting machine and the concrete edging machine.  We also offer competitive pricing on our mulch application packages.  The basic cost for concrete edging is approximately one third of the cost of a brick mason wall and you will also save on labor costs.

Concrete edging in Ottawa is an affordable way to redesign a driveway edge or lawn edging for gardens or walking paths.  Our company is modernizing lawns and gardens in the Ottawa region by installing decorative edging at an affordable cost.

Our main focus is beautifying lawns and gardens in a residential setting, but we have done some work in the area of commercial curbing repair.

Concrete lawn edging and garden services increase the property value of the client’s home, residential or commercial business.  Our product is a way to sell a home quickly or above market value.  And for property management companies involved in residential leasing, you can be sure our product will increase the value being charged for rent, thus increasing the revenues of the building(s).

If you want to optimize poolside garden arrangements while giving your yard that finished new look you’ve always wanted then concrete edging is the product for you!


    • Fiber mesh is added to the concrete mortar mix to strengthen the edging for winter climate.  We also cut expansion joints every 3 to 4 feet to prevent cracking.
    • Our 12 colour mortar menu features a variety of options that can be matched to the color of the home or commercial property.  We have a choice of 3 stamp impressions that can also be matched up with the brick pattern of the home.
    • Decorative concrete edging starts at $9.99 per foot but the price is negotiable for large footage exceeding 100 feet in length.
    • Our cedar mulch pick up, delivery and application package is $249.99 per cubic yard

Concrete Edging Ottawa | Ottawa Concrete-Curb-Edging-Installation-in-Ottawa

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