“The 5 Insider Secrets To A Beautiful Garden”

Secret #1 Mulch – What It Can Do For You…

Mulch is an “eco-friendly” alternative to nasty pesticides that can give your garden the edge it’s been missing. Mulch is a protective layer placed over the soil that prevents insects and weeds, but allows the plants to grow as they should.

Top 5 Benefits

  • Weeding is strenuous and time consuming, mulch can reduce the growth of weeds,and the need for time and money spent on weed control

  • Mulch protects the quality of your soil by reducing insects and

    Ottawa Mulch – Dark Brown

    certain plant diseases that can spread to other plants.

  • Acts as an insulation barrier to protect against extreme conditions throughout the summer and winter months by keeping the soil at the right temperature.

  • It prevents soil compaction and retains moisture which attracts earthworms that organically filter the soil so it becomes more fertile.

  • Provides a natural aesthetic appeal to your garden as mulch comes in a variety of types and colors.

Organic mulch is safe for the environment and works by mimicking the conditions of a natural forest environmentthat are rich in nutrients. You see, urban landscapes have harsher conditions such as poor soil, little organic matter and harsh temperature fluctuations which can harm your plants and garden. Mulch can overcome these problems and is therefore one of the secrets to a beautiful garden.

Common Mistakes:

Ottawa Mulch – Light Brown

To get the most out of mulch it is important to apply it properly. If not applied properly, it can negatively affect your plants as it can lead to excess moisture and air. This is why it’s important to have mulch applied properly so your garden can fully reap the benefits that mulch has to offer.

“Your garden should be something Your proud Of… Something That is envied by others.”

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