Lawn Core Aeration

What is Lawn Aeration?

Lawn Aeration removes cores of soil from the ground reducing the turf compaction which increases the infiltration of water and nutrients for a stronger healthier root system. A strong root system is the key to a thick lush lawn. Thousands of small openings created by the aeration provide just what your lawn needs.

Top 5 Reasons to get Your Lawn Aerated:

5. Thatch is Broken Up:

A thick layer of surface thatch prevents your lawn from getting the water, oxygen, and fertilizer it needs. The lawn core aeration breaks up the thatch barrier and gives the soil pockets to absorb the nutrients and water as well as room for new roots to grow.

4. Removes Soil Compaction:

Hard, compacted soil results in water pooling If you always have puddles on the surface it means the nutrients and water is not getting to the roots where its needed. Lawn Aeration is proven to reduce the soil compaction. Aerating your Lawn is similar to tilling garden soil in preparation for new planting.

3. Free Top Dressing:

Lawn Aeration leaves hundreds of soil cores on the surface of your lawn giving you a free top dressing. During the next rainfall the cores dissolve back into your lawn returning natural nutrients and nitrogen to your lawn. Lawn Aeration will also enhance the uptake of fertilizer exactly where its needed at the roots. It saves you money by increasing the results of your fertilizing and seeding.

2. Drought Protection & Water Savings:

Many lawn problems are caused by hard compacted soil. When Compacted lawns have thatch build-up they become hydrophobic! This means these lawns repel water no matter how much you water them. Lawn Aeration promotes deep root growth which allows your lawn to absorb the most water as well saving you money and making the lawn tolerant during the summer droughts.

1. Insect Resistance:

Insects like, webworms, cinch bugs and Mosquitos thrive in thick thatch laying their eggs, and building their evil armies in your back yard.As the aerator punches thousands of holes into the thatch layer, it breaks down their home and prevents annoying insect infestations.

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