What is Lawn Fertilizing and why You should Fertilize your Lawn

Lawn Fertilizing

Lawn Fertilizing is adding nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus and potash to your lawn. Fertilizing your lawn enriches it with nutrients, encouraging new growth.  Fertilizing your lawn is important as it will lead to a thicker, healthier, and greener lawn. Home Owners that fertilize their lawn will be less likely to suffer from weed, insect and disease problems when it’s fertilized on a regular basis. Also, your lawn will need less water when it gets the nutrients it needs throughout the year. So Save Green by going Green and fertilize your lawn this season.

Top 3 Insider Secrets to Fertilizing your Lawn.

  • When Should You fertilizing your lawn?

Mid-May is the best time to fertilize the lawn. At Lawn Care Ottawa, we recommend that lawns be fertilized three times during the growing season, with applications being made about six weeks apart. We don’t recommend fertilizer earlier than mid-May, as new shoots may be damaged by a late spring frost as they are highly susceptible to freezing damage from a late frost. Also, fertilizing any later than September will encourage new growth late in the fall season, when your lawn should be slowing down and preparing for winter.

  • What do the numbers on the bag of Fertilizer mean?

From left to right, the three numbers show the amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potash (N-P-K) in the fertilizer; the higher the number the more of each nutrient. For example a 22-8-8 formulation contains 22% nitrogen and 8% each of both phosphorus and potassium. Many lawn fertilizers will have a high first number, which means a high level of nitrogen. High nitrogen levels are great as nitrogen is the nutrient that encourages lush green leafy growth.

  • How much Fertilizer does your lawn need?

lawn fertilizers should be applied about 2.0-2.5 kg per 100 square meters of lawn. To get a more even fertilization and to avoid ugly dark green streaks, its best to apply half of the fertilizer in an east-to-west direction and then apply the other half in a north-to-south direction Make sure that your lawn is dry when fertilizer is applied so that the nutrients fall through the grass to the top of the soils surface. This is important because If a wet lawn is fertilized, the nitrogen will stick to wet leaf surfaces, which results in a burning of the lawn. For best results the lawn should be watered for about an hour immediately after applying fertilizer. If you follow this tip it will dissolve the fertilizer and begin to carry the nutrients to the roots.

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