What is Overseeding and why You should Overseed your Ottawa Lawn!

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Overseeding your lawn is the process of adding grass seed over your lawn to make it thicker, more resistant to diseases and able to crowd out weeds. After three to four years, grass plants begin to slow reproducing new shoots, which leads to a thin, sparse and ugly lawn. A thin lawn is an invitation to weeds, and harmful grubs. Overseeding your lawn will insure that it stays thick and dense to protect itself. Another key benefit to Overseeding is that the new varieties of seed will have more disease resistance than the existing grass seed on your lawn.

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Top 3 Insider Secrets to Overseeding your Lawn.

When Should You Overseed your lawn?

The best time of year to Seed your lawn is the Early spring from April to May and Fall from September to November. The Spring and Fall rains help the seed to take and grow. It also has less extreme temperatures that could heat up or freeze the seed and prevent it from working. For best results do it at least once in the Spring and Once in the Fall every year.

What Type of Seed is best for Your Lawn?

The Best Seed is a Blend of Rye Grass, Kentuck Bluegrass, and Fescue like This High Quality Scotts Blend. best Type of Seed for a shady lawn isĀ  fescue blend. The best type of seed for a sunny lawn is one with a kentucky blue grass blend. If you have a rough lawn with poor soil conditions, rye grass is the easiest and quickest to germinate. Most lawns have a mix of sun, shade, and difficult spots so get a High Quality blend of Kentucky Bluegrass, Fescue, and Rye Grass. If you are doing it yourself I highly reccomend these two blends. Order a Premium Overseeding Blend on Amazon here, they have really quick Delivery! Scotts Turf Builder Heat-Tolerant Blue Grass Seed Mix



How Long does it take for the Seed to Start?

It takes from 7-14 days for most blends to start to grow. It takes from 14-21 days for the grass to take hold. Typically Rye grass blends will start to germinate earlier than kentucky bluegrass and fescue blends. Make sure to Water the Overseeding project atleast until the seed starts to germinate (Starts sprouting and turning green)

When Should I mow my Lawn after I Overseed?

You should wait to mow your lawn until the new lawn seed is atleast two to three inches high. You may want to wait about four to six weeks after your seeding project to have your first lawn mow.

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