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Topsoil Ottawa, What is it Good For?

The soil is the foundation of a great looking lawn. Topsoil is the top 2 inches and the most fertile part of the soil. The topsoil is where the lawn obtains most of its nutrients. Real good topsoil is filled with organic matter, microorganisms, worms and bacteria which add nutrients to the soil. Topdressing involves spreading good quality topsoil or compost on top of your lawn. Topdressing will improve the lawns drainage, improve the quality of your soil by adding nutrients, as well as fills in patches and bare spots.

Top 5 Insider Secrets to Topdressing your Lawn.

5. How to find Great Quality Topsoil?

Always ask your Topsoil provider what is in their topsoil to know what your getting. Make sure they have a good reputation. Typically, the darker the soil the higher the quality. This is because Soil color is an indication of the kind and amount of organic matter in soil. Black soils have high organic matter content while light grey color indicates low organic matter content. Another key secret to making sure you get great topsoil is to ask what the Topdressing is made of…

4. What should the Topdressing be made of?

Great Topsoil is a mix of peat, sand, and compost. Always ask your topsoil provider what is in the soil before you agree to delivery. The soil needs to have the proper texture and water-absorbent capacity to support optimal growth. Topdressing builds up the quality of the soil over a period of time. If you have a very light, sandy the organic matter the compost and organic materials will add nutrients to the lawn. If you have a hard clay soil the sand and peat moss will improve the soils drainage.

3. How much Topsoil should be spread?

The topsoil should be spread ½ inch to ¾ inch thick on your lawn. The Topsoil should be raked so the grass is not completely covered. The key to applying the top dressing is to make sure that you get an even spread of the top dressing over the area and to make sure that the top dressing does not remain ‘on top’ of the grass. The top dressing should penetrate down to soil level. If the topdressing is too thick, you risk smothering some of the grass and waiting longer for it to grow back. If it’s too thin, you won’t get as many of the benefits and you may have to do it more often.

2. How to Prepare the Area for Topsoil

The most important secret to maximize the benefits of topdressing the lawn is to remove debris, thatch, and garbage from the lawn. You can do this by Aerating or Dethatching your lawn. If you are preparing the lawn do it before you add topsoil to prevent the thatch from mixing in with the good topdressing. For more information about preparing the area check Ottawa Lawn Aeration.

1. When should I Spread Topsoil on my Lawn?

Your lawn can be topdressed in both the spring and fall, but the spring topdressing exposes a bare growth medium to weed seeds. You’ll get plenty of benefit and few of the problems with a once annual topdressing in the fall. Your get more benefits from the topdressing with a core aeration first.


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