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Are you worried about trees falling down and causing property damages to your home? Do you have diseased or dying trees? Lawn Care Ottawa will help you with all your tree removal services in Ottawa, ON. With our 24/7-referral system we will help you find a pre-screened & insured professional. Call us today at (613) 519-0202 to book a free quote or fill our online form by clicking the link below

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While removing trees for unnecessary reasons is something that we do not encourage, there are many situations in which removing a tree is the only solution to prevent problems in your property. Ottawa is not stranger to windy days. While it is not the norm, it is neither the exception to have days where the winds pick up at 50+ km/h with even faster wind gusts. This can represent a risk for your home if you have trees near your home. Our experts are sometimes called when the damage has been done and they have tree that have fallen down causing damage to their property.

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Determining the cost of a tree removal service is complicated as every situation will be different. Nevertheless, there are some factors that will help you understand the costs of such job. For example, when removing a tree poses a greater risk it will incur a higher cost. It is the responsibility of the contractor to make sure that the tree removal process does not cause any damage to your property. In some cases, our experts are called to remove fallen trees. Removing these trees can be difficult is there are damages as a wrong move can increase the damages furthermore.

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Removing a tree can be a difficult job and it may require the use of professional equipment. Trust our certified professionals for all tree removal services in Ottawa
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